Money by Baby Baby
2011 CD

"At first glance, the motley crew of Fontez Brooks (Vocals, Guitar), Kyle Dobbs (Bass), and Grant Wallace (Drums), along with newcomer Colin Boddy (Percussion) do not seem like serious musicians. It might be the fact that they are constantly shirtless, wearing only fluorescent colored short-shorts. Maybe it's the tribal face paint that they sport at shows. Or it could be that they named their last album something as nonsensical as Wabadabadaba. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain, Baby Baby is very serious - about having fun.

"We don't look serious, but in fact we are serious, we just have a very unusual way of showing it," drummer Grant Wallace explains. "When we go to shows, we want to have a good time. Most of the time, the majority of the people are not having fun. We are here to help the audience enjoy it and have a better time." Colin chimes in, "It's like a pep rally!"

Baby Baby's inception just over a year ago (Summer 2009) can be attributed to the bad attitudes and overall humdrum of one too many musical acts. The boys vowed to fill the gaping void in their hometown music scene with their own disjointed blend of pop / indie / rock that eschews pompousness for awesomeness." (Joshua Bottomley / Performer Magazine)

The unique sound of Baby Baby is to be known as "Fun Rock".

"Money" is the end product of close to eighteen months of Baby Baby shows and practices. Enjoy.

Baby Baby's "Money" will be released on Tuesday May 24th, 2011.

Tracks 2 and 5 was recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt Goldman.
Track 3 was recorded, mixed and mastered by Matt McClellan
Tracks 1 and 12 was recorded and mixed by Jonathon Newton
Track 4 was recorded and mixed by Joshua Lamar
Tracks 6, 9, 10 and 11 was recorded and mixed by Eric Friar
Tracks 7 and 8 was recorded and mixed by Cregg Gibson
Tracks 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 was mastered by Carl Saff.

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Baby Baby have generated a flurry of local chatter of late simply for being unable to keep their pants on. But their debut album, "Money", goes a long way in redirecting attention toward their music, which holds up assuredly well. Perhaps surprisingly so, considering their goofbone live appeal. A shake 'n' bake of '90s alterna-rock, funk, metal riffage, psychedelia and googly-eyed showmanship, on paper it totally looks like a recipe for utter shit, but it kicks ass and busts a nut that's been untapped in these parts for a long time, which makes it seem all the fresher. I was all ready to hate 'em, but the truth is, they're kinda awesome, and they have the goods for wider appeal if they keep their heads on straight. And yeah, they're pretty funny. You gotta love, even begrudgingly, any band that titles a song "Instead of spending my $20 on the Blink 182 reunion show I took you out on a date and you never returned my phone call so don't ever expect to eat free shrimp scampi again bitch," and the song is actually good too. Release show is May 21st (2011) at the Drunken Unicorn - Stomp & Stammer


"It's taken almost two years, but lead vocalist Fontez Brooks and drummer Grant Wallace have joined forces and will release Baby Baby's debut LP "Money" on May 21st. With the addition of bassist Kyle Dobbs and percussionist Colin Boddy, the Atlanta-based band is carving a niche with party punk music that's cut from the same cloth as Bad Brains and Fishbone.

Baby Baby's jam-band style carries the 12 track album and often surprises you with the unexpected and unconventional. For fans of this style, there is plenty of craziness and fun to be had, but for the casual listener songs may blend together, seeming similar after a few tracks.

But what happens when Baby Baby capture their creative spirits with structure and arraignment? They create the super catchy anthem "Fire," sparked by a tip toeing bassline and contagious chorus that has Brooks demanding, "Set my heart on fiyah, or let me go!" As the smooth synth line covers the bridge, the repeat button is inevitable.

The content and tone are genuine and reflective but light hearted. The band takes their craft seriously, but they never take themselves too seriously. Topics revolve around girls, some mild violence, love, reaching stardom, and a few more girls for added measure. Brooks, a self-proclaimed nerd, exudes his passion on "Kidz" when he sings, "Told my Mama, I'm in love with rock and roll." - Christ Khodadadi / Examiner


"Baby Baby = Fugazi + Sublime + some Everclear jungle-juice
A cluster-fuck of joyful noise with a wide variety of influences and stylings, this album is a wild ride spawned from the recklessly creative minds of four fun-loving dudes from Georgia. You can hear the sunshine in the music, with punky beats & riffs echoing sounds from the era of Sublime, dashes of harder punk like Fugazi, and definite influences of hard liquor mixin' with testosterone. Throw this album in at your next party, dump the Everclear in the Jungle Juice and get crazy already! It's evident that the only thing to be done with this album is to pop it in, get fucked up, get loud, and jump around. Sounds like a good time, right? Best get the album." -P.Buchanan / Slug Magazine


"They'll do this all night long"
"You must not know who you're dealing with," Fontez Brooks whispers on Money's tent pole track "Fire." Then Baby Baby combusts into a feverish frenzy of breakdown dancebeats, grunge-worthy distortion, and one funky-ass bass line as the chorus chants "set my heart on fire!" It's a beautiful moment from a garage-pop band that's more punk than anything seen this side of the millennium. Every track on Money features Brooks' soulful yet cartoonish vocals, Grant's impressive caveman-esque drumming and Kyle's technical bass calisthenics. Newcomer Colin adds an air with breathy backups and miscellaneous percussion.

"Fire" predictably scorches. "London Bridges" is a heartfelt dance jam about being in the "friend zone." "Fight Club" is surprisingly heavy with a down and dirty guitar line that they beat to death - fitting, considering the track's title. It ends at least twice, only to start again (and again) in increasingly hilarious fashion.

Who would want it to end anyway? Baby Baby's entertainment is infinite. Just look at the album's title track, cleverly named "$." Or the bank robbing fantasy "Nothing to Lose" where the perpetrators "have to be home by five." It's hilarious. The catchy melodies and memorable hooks are a bonus.

Money is just four dudes having fun slamming on their instruments and acting a fool. Fortunately they do so with surprising skill and the songs are a blast. It's worth it just to hear Brooks rant about a bad date on the album's first track, titled, "I Could Have Taken You to See the Blink 182 Reunion Show but I Spent $20 Taking You Out on a Date Instead and You Didn't Return My Phone Call so Now I Want My Refund (aka $20)." Long live Baby Baby. (Gospel of Rhythm) - Joshua Bottomley / Performer Magazine