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December 29th, 2011

Baby Baby’s “We Do This All Night Long (Shake That @ss Girl)” is now available for free for a limited time!

Hey everyone,

The Gospel Of Rhythm Recordings is proud to make available Baby Baby’s “We Do This All Night Long (Shake That @ss Girl)”.

Baby Baby – We Do This All Night Long (Shake That @ss Girl) by gospelofrhythm

“You know I how I love to put out a music suggestion for the weekend, and today is no different!! Yesterday I ran across Baby Baby after receiving an email from Team Clermont. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier that said email was sent and that I had the time to explore some of the artists the firm represents. Baby Baby definitely got me through a very boring Thursday afternoon and I have a feeling they will be pushing me through the weekend too.

Baby Baby are if the “Bad Brains and Kings Of Leon had a baby that was styled by In Living Colour and was raised by Lamar of Revenge Of The Nerds” – Clark Westfield

Any band that gets describe in such a fashion as Clark Westfield‘s quote is a must listen just to see how crazy that would sound. In all honesty his description isn’t far off, especially the comment about being styled by In Living Colour. They are for sure a style of “Fun Rock” and that is what Summer is all about isn’t it?

The group is made up of Fontez Brooks (Vocals, Guitar), Kyle Dobbs (Bass), Grant Wallace (Drums), and Colin Boddyv (Additional Percussion). In true indie fashion they recorded their first EP on a iMac back in the Summer of 2009.” On The Couch

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